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Walter kubay Photography Huntsville Alabama

 Welcome to

Walter Kubay Photography

Huntsville wedding photographer 


I’m Walter, 

     A specialist in wedding and portrait photography who not only is inspired by beautiful places and people around the world, But thrills at capturing your distinctive story and best moments of life — through a lens of timeless beauty, elegance, romance, drama … and yes, all the best that lights your fire.

    Because keeping the embers of life and love kindled — capturing memories that will live in your heart for the rest of your life — has become my mantra, my heartbeat, that speaks out through my work. 

    Certainly, I’m known for my love of travel, European accent, sardonic humor, and love for meeting new people. But moreover, for creating emotion-laden, modern images that express your personality, your essence as a couple or individual, and your remarkable life experiences. 


      And to that end, I not only strive to genuinely connect with you, to get to know your style, your dreams and vision … helping you relax and revel in the moment …

But then deliver an upbeat, compelling, and exceptional wedding or portrait experience for you. One filled with levity — and laughter. One that makes you feel confident and beautiful, leaving you smiling, even beaming, long after the camera has flashed.

That’s my passion and purpose, if you will, and one I would delight to leverage for you, keeping your memories of a lifetime alive — and forever kindled — in an extraordinary, transcendent collection you will love.      

Sound intriguing? Have questions? Please reach out today and let’s see if we can strike a match for igniting a timeless photography experience together. I’m looking forward to meeting you!  

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