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Local Photographer

A Local Photographer to Capture the Best Moments in Life

Engagement Photography in downtown Hunts

The best moments in life can be hard to articulate. If you need a local photographer to help you capture the special times in your life, come see me at Walter Kubay Photography. I’m a professional photographer based in Huntsville, and I’m available to help you capture your next event. I specialize in weddings, but I’m open to working with anyone who appreciates my style and needs a professional photographer to capture their important moments. I’m based in Huntsville, but I have a passion for travel and I’m willing to go wherever I’m needed with a bit of notice and an additional fee. Visit my website to see examples of my work and to find the different packages I offer.
I’m passionate about shooting weddings because I love to capture the special moments in the lives of my clients. There are few experiences more special than a wedding. There is something truly satisfying about capturing the look of joy and true love on the faces of a bride and groom on their special day. Photography is a labor of love and it is often very hard work.

But, the feeling of capturing the best moments of life is well worth it for me and I’ve done it for so many years because for me there is nothing like the feeling of capturing an important experience so that it can last forever. When you need a dedicated local photographer to capture your next wedding or family event, give me a call. No matter what kind of portrait photography you’re looking for, I’m happy to offer high-quality images at an unbeatable price. To get in touch fill out the form on my website or contact me directly by phone or email.

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