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Wedding Photographer

Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer for Your Special Day

It’s your special day – why not make it as unique as possible. When you want to make memories that last you need a great photographer to help you capture the moment. If you need a professional wedding photographer in Huntsville, Alabama, you need Walter Kubay Photography.
My name is Walter Kubay and I’m a specialist in wedding and portrait photography with years of experience helping couples capture the important moment in their lives. I pay attention to my client’s stories and get a thrill out of helping them chronicle the beginning of a pivotal chapter. I love to capture the small details – the private moments, laughter, and joy that make a wedding so special. When you are looking for someone who won’t just take your photograph but will distill the essence of your special day into a testament that can last a lifetime, you need Walter Kubay Photography.
Photography is my passion and I’m blessed to be able to make a living doing it. I became a wedding photographer because there is something so satisfying to me about the joy and splendor of a wedding day. I wanted to help my clients recall that feeling with stunning clarity by delivering one-of-a-kind wedding photos they can carry with them forever.
I’ve developed my own distinct style that seeks to blend the fashionable with the timeless. I won’t just snap a few shots of the I Do’s and call it a day. I want you to be able to relive the entire experience through my photographs – from your walk to the ceremony to the afterparty and beyond. Just visit my website to see the full portfolio of weddings I’ve covered. You can fill out the form on my website to book me or get in touch directly. I’m always glad to speak with my clients about my services and pricing. It’s your special day – make it something to remember with Walter Kubay Photography.

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